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Our introduction to Challenger’s Enterprises started a few years ago, when we used the firm to manufacture a new kitchen. Since that time, our multiple projects include office furniture, bedroom furniture and construction and fine carpentry at our store in Heritage Quay. Our latest project was our new store at the new terminal at VC Bird International Airport.

Among other factors, we find it remarkable the way Sheriff and his team are able to bring our concepts to life. It is one thing to visualize something and place it on paper, another thing to see it take form during the building phase and then to see the final results and have them exceed your expectations. This has been our experience with Challenger’s.

We also enjoy a productive interpersonal relationship which removes the hackles some associate with the construction industry from our processes.

What we have with Challenger’s is a relationship, and we imagine the experience will be the same for prospective clients.

Patrice and Niki Feilles

My relationship with Challenger’s Enterprises began with a recommendation a few years ago. The initial contract was for kitchen cabinets, an island and windows. I was an extremely satisfied customer then and I remain pleased with the partnership we have developed over the years.

Since the first project, I have used Challenger’s for myriad woodwork projects and construction renovations. I have also used the company in a professional capacity, with the organization with which I am employed.

I am appreciative of the care and attention, the communication, the commitment to the client, and the comfort of knowing that a service provider is working in my interest and for my satisfaction. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vernon and Challenger’s Enterprises.

Kathy David

I had the opportunity to use Vernon Challenger and his construction firm as the general contractor for my family home, and I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent service that was provided.

Coming into the project my wife and I had heard many stories from other people who had been through the building process and who were less than complimentary of their workforce and the overall journey. We are pleased to say that we did not have those personnel issues.

Vernon and his team worked closely with us. Effective client-contractor communications were established from the outset and this was crucial to completing the project in what felt like a true partnership.

The cooperation, collaboration and workmanship that Vernon and his team brought to the table, at every stage of the project, were greatly appreciated. The atmosphere has resulted in ongoing mutual respect, and I have no hesitation in recommending Challenger’s Enterprises Ltd.

Eustace Davis

I used Challenger’s Enterprises for the renovation of my apartment complex. The job went smoothly, and I am pleased with the end results.

I found Vernon to be honorable, reliable and diligent. He was also very mindful of the many stresses associated with building, which made it easier for me to feel at ease. He was always available to address queries and concerns and to allay fears.

Natalie Amory

I enjoy a positive working relationship with Vernon Challenger and his construction-and-woodwork company.

This relationship has seen the complete renovation of one property, including woodwork, the construction of another, and the manufacturing of a fabulous kitchen in yet another property. I found Vernon to be cooperative during construction and, generally, he delivered work of exceptional quality.

We were able to overcome any hurdles that might have existed during the process to the benefit of the projects.

Kim Derrick

I am pleased to confirm that Mill Reef Club has awarded a number of contracts to Mr. Vernon Challenger of Challenger’s Enterprises for the production of various pieces of furniture for the club.

We have always found his work to e of a high standard and will certainly be placing future orders with his company when we require additional pieces.

Hamish Watson

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